“JC Buendia 25th” Fashion Gala Show


Metro Society celebrates the artistry, design aesthetic and craftsmanship of one of the top Filipino designers in the Philippines—JC Buendia.

This year, the renowned celebrity and society designer will celebrate his 25th year in the industry this coming 27thof August as Metro Society takes this opportunity to recognize JC Buendia as a designer who has helped mold the Filipinos’ taste for sophisticated and stylish pieces, for both men and women.

JC’s attention to detail in his creations has made him one of the most in-demand designers of this generation. His sophisticated view of Filipino design has made him a modern deisgn icon. Apart from his impressive collection and ingenuity in design, he continues to make his mark in the fashion industry as the official presidential designer of two administrations. He is also the current president of The Fashion & Design Council of the Philippines as well as the consulting designer for the Metro Society Pitoy Moreno Tribute Gala.

His elegant evening dresses make an impact with every entrance, making him one of the most sought-after designers who can create pieces that are romantic, classic and very polished. JC’s bridal gowns have also become memorable because of their beautiful fit and clean details that make every bride’s dream come true.

“JC Buendia is truly a rare treasure that gives us another reason to revel and be proud of the ingenuity and talent of Filipino people. His creations may have a modern twist, but he never fails to include a touch of locality that serves as a reminder of our heritage,” says Metro Society Editor-in-Chief Raul Manzano.

Drawing inspiration from various movies that he has loved over the years—Downtown Abbey, My Fair Lady, Roman Holiday, Sex and the City Season 6, Les Chorites, The Kings Speech, The American President, Princess Diaries, Memoirs of a Geisha and The Last Emperor—his collection for the upcoming Metro Society event will showcase five suites to include all his signature pieces from cocktail dresses to evening gowns, formal wear, menswear and even his bridal line.

Inspired by movies and TV Series set in the time of Paul Poiret, Schiaparelli and Chanel—W.E., Downton Abbey, Gosford Park—the 1st Suite will feature English Rose which is composed of Victorian and Romantic inspired designs such as black and white dresses in tulle and French lace, wide-legged pants and delicate blouses. The Jeune Fille look will comprise of the 2nd suite, and will feaure full skirts and tops with billowy sleeves and perky bows which is an interpretation of looks from movies in the fifties—Rear Window, Funny Face, Sabrina and High Society. Aptly called State Visit, the 3rd suite is precision tailoring for women of power and was inspired by movies and TV Series such as The Manchurian Candidate, The Kennedys, Dave, and The Queen. Movies such as Age Of Innocence, The King’s Speech, Les Choristes inspired the 4th suite which leaned towards Menswear. Dramatic gowns inspired by the twists and folds of the obi sash and movies set in the Orient like My Geisha, Memoirs of a Geisha, and The Last Emperor was the main inspiration for the Finale suite of JC Buendia’s show.

A brilliant and artistic designer, Metro Society accolades JC Buendia for his impeccable and seamless style that puts every Filipino in the front line of fashion.

Metro Society presents JC Buendia is co-presented by TRESemme and LG Electronics in cooperation with Metrobank and Century Properties, with the participation of Ideal Vision. Special thanks to Marriott Hotel Manila and Machiavelli Chocolatier.


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